Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A "Loosing" Weekend

This past weekend was one of loss for our our sports lives that is.

For a family that plays a lot of sports, we are all fortunate enough to be on teams that win the majority of our games. Well....this past weekend there was no winning to speak of around here.

This past Friday was the first week of our seasonal soccer tournament. Needless to say, we started off on the wrong foot. Yep, we lost. Not only did we loose we helped the other team win by scoring a goal on ourselves (It was not me, thank goodness!). NOT a good thing!

Then on Saturday, Kyle had his soccer game. Yep his team lost too...after creaming the team they played last week 9-0. It was a hard loose for all the kids as it was their first loss of the season. ouch!

And Finally Tyler's Hockey game was on Sunday. They are just starting their season and doing pretty good...until this game. They won their game last week 7-2. But yep...another loss. And, they lost by a score of 9-2. :(

So as I said, this was definitely a LOSSING week! There was a lot of pride capping and humbling going on here.

No one ever likes to loose, but it does help every now and then to keep us humble and remember that life is not always about winning.


Jen said...

Yep, sometimes it's good to lose!! It's good for kids to know that they can't ALWAYS win and that it's ok to lose! (Every once in a while!!)

Ames said...

Yea, it is even good for adults too. Although, we have more games coming up this weekend. I hope there is at least a win or two for us.