Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Anger or Frustration??

I think it was truly anger. Here is the story...

Yesterday I took two of my dogs down to our local PetsMart to the vet, that they have in their store, to get some shots that they are needing. This was my first experience with using the vets inside of the store as I have never realized that they were even there before last week. They have a "shot clinic day" each week where you can come and get your dogs shots without having to pay an office/exam visit fee. So, I thought, cool this will save me a LOT of money.

When I called the day before to get all the details they told me to come 30 min before to make sure that I get on the list (because they only take the 1st 20 dogs and the spots fill up fast). So that is what I did. I got the dogs all ready, leashed them up and got them in the car. I drove down to the store and unload the dogs. As I am rushing into the store, to make sure that I get on "the list", I realize that my golden retriever does not even have her collar on and I am dragging the leash. That was not good. So after chasing her down and fixing her collar I finally get to sign them in. Then I wait....and wait....and wait. Oh yea did I tell you that I waited. I stood there for almost 1 1/2 hours before I started asking when they were going to get to me...and everyone else that was their waiting. They told me that I was the next one to be called into an exam room. Well that was all fine but then I asked them..."How long will the wait be once I get in a room?" Their response was one that did not make me happy. They said, "Oh probably about 20 mins, or so." What! You have got to be kidding. I could not believe it. It was going on 2 hours and there I stood...with two dogs going crazy, needing a drink and a walk outside to do their "thing".

And that was not was time for me to pick the kids up from school. Oh man was I mad. Two hours with two dogs in a retail store full of other dogs...not good at all. I told the lady that all I needed were the shots and asked if someone could quickly give them to the dogs. Then I could be on my way. No, they couldn't. So I told her that she could take me off the list and I left. I was so mad the rest of the day! I could not believe that I wasted 2 hours of my day for that! I will not be going back there.

Yes, I am sure now, it was anger!


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Jen said...

I've heard the vets at Pets Mart are not always the best! I am sorry you wasted your time. I am sure handling your two doggies for 2 hours was exhausting!! I am glad you were able to catch Annie!!

Oh and btw, where was the third doggie?

Ames said...

Little "Old" Lady was at home. I am sure she was enjoying the piece and quiet and having the house all to herself! lol