Wednesday, September 22, 2010

"Do as I say, not as I do"

Oh my! Well, after reading my last post and then counting the weeks that we have been in school, I realized just how long it has been without a post here.  Okay...I guess I can claim many excuses, but I would like to think of them more as just staying busy with family rather then excuses. 

We have been really busy with soccer, soccer and more soccer.  It seems like I am always saying that .  But, hey, that's what we are all about right now. I just started playing indoor at a new place that is much closer to home.  My outdoor season starts this Friday.  I am the one coordinating everything for my team.  I can not believe how hard it is working with adults.  They are worse then kids. It is like a supernatural act to get them to even return an email.  Uhhggg. 

Kyle's season is officially underway, although it seems like it is never ending and therefore has never really even started.  That kid is always on the soccer field, it seems.  We started official games with an out of town tournament in California at Huntington Beach.  Yes, I enjoy soccer, but soccer in Huntington Beach...ah, now that is double the fun! It was a rough tournament, but by the last game they seemed to find their groove, with a 5-0 win!  Kyle's team also participates in local league play.  This year, to everyone's surprise, the team was placed in state level play.  It is an honor to play at that level, as it is by invitation only.  However, for the parents it is turning out to be driving, driving and more driving.   In the end it is a lot of fun and excitement.

Tyler is also playing soccer again this season.  We thought that he would be returning to hockey soon, but that has not been the case.  He is discovering that he really likes soccer.  He played on an indoor soccer team this summer (you have to do indoor in AZ, it is just too hot otherwise) and loved it.  I predict that once he finishes the outdoor season that he is playing right now he will return to indoor. Tyler has also discovered this past summer that he likes tennis.  So, who knows what he will be doing next.

So, I know what you are thinking what about the hubby and his, there is no soccer for him.  Our church has a triathlon team that trains and competes together.  He is thinking about join them sometime in the near future.

Shifting gears a little....We are in our 6th week of school and things are moving right along. We are learning some cool stuff.  I will do  my best to share our cool stuff and experiences here.  One of the assignments that I have for the boys is completing a blog post on their blog, at least once per week.  Yes, even the kids fall behind with their posts.  So, now that it is an assignment for them, I guess I should set the example and do the same myself.  It is starting to sound like that aweful saying, "do as I say, not as I do".  I don't like that saying, so I had better get to posting!

So, with good intentions, see you next week (if not before).


Joanne / The Simple Wife said...
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Joanne / The Simple Wife said...

I started a blog for the girls too--all of their writing assignments are done online. Saves paper, saves being marked down for not being neat (we do handwriting to work on that) and helps them focus strictly on writing. Not to mention they are typing better and faster.

Jen said...

Yes, Ma'am!! You need to get to posting!! Ha!!

I knew you must be busy because I haven't talked to you in a LONG time!!

It's been busy for me too!! School's just been NONSTOP!! I am having a good year, though. I am actually home sick today! Those little germs finally got a hold of me!!

Love you!