Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Band Star

It is that time of  year again... the "end of the year" ceremonies and concerts. Although we are a home school family we still participate in couple of the programs that the local public school has to offer.  One of those programs is Band.  Tyler has been attending band classes all year long at the middle school.  He took a mini band class last year when he was in school and played in the percussion section. This year he decided to change instruments and learn how to play the Tenor Saxophone. Changing instruments meant he had to start back in the beginner band all over again.  He was fine with that and has loved every minute of it.  He worked hard all year and made tremendous improvements.  Just a few months ago he was given the honor of moving up to play with the intermediate band.

This past Monday we got to see (hear) the fruits of all his labor at their end of the year concert. As it turned out, we learned that there were only two students the entire year that got to move up to the intermediate band, and Tyler was one of the two.  The teacher had both students stand and recognized both of them for all their hard work all year long.  I, actually, had no clue that Tyler was one of only two students.  I also didn't realize what a big deal she was gong to make about it.  So, I have to say, I was one PROUD mama!  I also didn't realize that the intermediate band only has 9 students in it (out of probably 70-80 total band students).  So I guess you could say he was definitely in the top minority. 

Way to go Tyler! We are so proud of you!

These are the 9 intermediate band students doing their performance.

 Tyler playing with the intermediate band.

 The two students standing and being recognized for all their hard work.

 Tyler doing a "speaking" part and introducing the next song that they were going to play.

The entire beginner band. They all did a wonderful job. 

I can't end the post with out recognizing the Band teacher. She did an awesome job with all the students. 

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Jen said...

OMGoodness I am one proud AUNT!! How exciting!! I wonder who he takes after? Hee hee!!!!