Thursday, November 12, 2009

Week 14...of Homeschooling

We are just completing our 14th week of homeschooling and I have to say we are still going strong and things are great!

It is amazing how much the boys are learning and how much information we have gone through and learned these past 14 weeks.  At the beginning of it all (back in August) I set out a plan for most of our curriculum and where we would need to be by Christmas (end of the calendar year) in order to be on track to finish it all by May on 2010.  I am happy to say that we are right on track.  And actually, if we had not had a few interruptions with the sale of our house and all, we probably would be ahead.  So, all in all we are doing very well. 

The one thing that really blows me away is how fast we  have gotten through our math book.  I have both kids on the same level and with the way things are going right now they will most likely complete 2 years of math in only one year (school years).  Just amazing.  In fact, just today they were introduced to the beginnings of Algebra...already! ...and they "got" it! Amazing! Can you tell that I am blown away?  They are just learning SO fast (much faster then they would be in a classroom setting having to go at a slower pace). Wow!  


Jen said...

Glad it's going well!! How's the move going? I bet it's crazy!!

Jen said...

Psssst!!!! You need to blog about your train ride and show pictures!!


Love your little sis