Thursday, November 12, 2009

Still "Moving" along just one day at a time...

It has been a while since my last post and informing you about the sale of our home and our upcoming move.

Since signing the contract back in October, we have gone through the inspection and appraisal period.  I am so happy to say that we got a near perfect inspection and the appraisal came back at even more then the sale price (not by much though). We could not be happier about that.  We do have to complete some work (minor repairs) to one of the A/C units, but honestly that is to be expected for a place like AZ where you live by your A/C and depend on it almost everyday.  (Yes, we even had to run it a little yesterday in the middle of Nov.) The rest of the inspection came back "clean".  That is, kind of, not surprising since we are very particular people about our home.

We also get the privilege of having an extra week in the house so we can enjoy one last Thanksgiving here.  That was an added blessing.  Our new closing date is Dec.1st.  It looks like my traditional "after Thanksgiving shopping" weekend will be a weekend of moving instead this year. 

Even though we know we will be moving and not shopping the weekend after Thanksgiving we still do not know where we will be moving to.  We have looked and looked for a home to buy.  After, finally, finding one we were informed that the house we wanted was a "flip" house and had to go through a "seasoning" time.  So much for that.  So this week we have had to change our direction and start the hunt for a rental. We hope to be able to sign a rental contract this weekend so we can have a slow move and not have to rush through it.  AND...after a full day with our realtor yesterday I know that we will need at least a week to just clean before we can even think about moving in.  Seriously!  What do owners do with the so-called "cleaning fees" anyways.  ALL the rentals (except one) we looked at were horribly  filthy!! Such a disappointment!

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Bombshell BLISS said...

What a great report....and yes rentals can be just awful.