Friday, March 20, 2009

Soccer Update

Ok Here are some soccer updates...

*Kyle officially finished his first year of club soccer. He is still practicing with the team to stay sharp for tryouts coming up in April. He had a great year and learned a lot.

*We are half way through our recreation soccer season. Hubby and I are coaching, Tyler and Kyle are both playing. It is a Family event this season. Overall our team is not doing too well. We have 2 ties and 3 loses. Hopefully we can put a win on the board before the end of the season.

*I officially started my adult co-ed soccer season today. We played in our first game of the season this evening. We won 3-0. woohoo. I love it!! It is SO much fun!!

*One of the major sporting teams that AZ DOES NOT have is a MLS team. There are many groups, organizations and people that are really pushing to bring MLS to AZ. So with all of the efforts they were able to get an MLS exhibition game here. We went to see the LA Galaxy and the Chicago Fire play last Saturday. It was awesome! That was the first time that I have ever been to an MLS game (or any type of pro soccer game). I would love to have a team here in AZ. I know, just another place to burn the paycheck. HA! But it would be fun!

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