Friday, March 20, 2009

Hockey Update

Okay, now for some hockey updates...

*2 weeks ago Tyler's team played the #1 team in the league. They won! It was the best game that I have EVER seen him play. The old phrase, "he stood on his head"was just about reality for Tyler. He almost literally stood on his head to make some of the saves that he did. Wow! It was a great game!

*We are at the end of another hockey season and with that comes the playoffs. The first round was this evening. Tyler's team was awesome. They won 8-0. Tyler got credited with another shut out. They will be playing Sunday morning in the championship game for 1st place. Go Ice Dogs, Go!

*So with the end of one season comes the start of another. Oh yea, they do not waste any time. Tomorrow morning we are off to skate evaluations for the new season. They use skate evaluations to help divide up the teams. Kyle will be playing this season as he will (mostly) be off from soccer and not have any soccer commitments over the summer.

*Oh yea...and the Coyotes...They are not doing too well. But still, we support them and love watching and going to the games. We thought that there might be a little glimmer of hope that they might actually make it to the playoffs...but I don't think it is happening this year. oh well!

note: Hubby got some great pictures at Tyler's game this evening. I will try and post some tomorrow.

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