Sunday, November 23, 2008

The end at last

This weekend marked the end of 3 soccer seasons and a much needed hockey break.

I had my champion playoff game on Friday night. Even though we did not win we still felt like we were successful. Due to winning the past 3 (or 4) seasons, playing in the recreation division, we were forced to move up to the competitive division. Let me just say that the start of the season didn't look to promising for us. However, as each week went by we stepped up to the challenge and in the end, somehow, found ourselves playing for the #1 spot again. Wow! We amazed ourselves at how we all stuck together and ended up, overall, in 2nd place. The team that we played for 1st place is a great team and was known for "taking no prisoners" with scores like 5-0 or worse. However, in the last game we held them to a 2-1 final score. So, in our minds we still won.

Tyler ended his soccer season as well this weekend with his last game on Saturday. The score was 5-0, with Tyler contributing one of the goals. Way to go Tyler. He is really becoming quit the soccer player.

Kyle's soccer team plays continuously through the year until about March, however his first round of play also ended this weekend. They played a double header against two local teams. They lost the first (4-5) and won the second (5-0). (They took first place overall for this season.) Kyle also contributed toward the overall goal count with 1 in his first game and 2 in the second. He plays forward and most of his goals are scored on break-aways. He is really fast and usually out runs all the other teams players. It is really exciting and very fun to watch him.

Hockey is not over but on a 2 week break until December. Tyler played in a very exciting game this morning. They played the #1 team in the league and kept it a really tight game all the way to the end. They ended up taking the loss with a score of 2 - 3, but only because of very bad officiating. I am really not being a whiner with this one...really!!

I have never in all my life, of watching sporting events, seen a coach talk a referee into making a call that should not have been called. Yep, that's right. It was a young referee being intimidated by the other teams coach. The other team took a shot at Tyler (he is the goalie) with the puck sliding right behind him from one side to the other (from post to post). When Tyler realized that he had missed it he turned around and saved it on the other side of him. The whistle blew and the play stopped. Right after that a time-out was called and during that time the other teams coach disputed the call and convinced the referee that it was a goal (when it clearly was not). (I know it wasn't. I was sitting right behind the goal watching Tyler and saw it clearly....all the while the other coach was way across on the other side of the rink.) So, when the time-out was over everyone was confused (even the other team players) because the only ones that knew about the change in the call was the other coach and the scorekeeper. Even Tyler's own coach had no idea what was happening and let me just could almost see the smoke coming out of his ears. He was MAD! It was amazing and unbelievable. I have never seen anything like that. I guess there is a first for everything. After all we are all human and intimidation does happen. Oh well. I hope we don't have the same ref's next time.

All in all it was a good weekend. I am looking forward to Thanksgiving and the much needed break through the holidays.

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