Sunday, September 14, 2008

Catchin' Up...

Well, here I am has been exactly 1 month since my last post and there has been so much goin' on here that I am finding myself posting yet another...Catchin' up post. Man, I hate it when so much time goes by and there is so much to post that I don't know where to begin. Why do I do this to myself? I am not sure. I will say that I have been so busy that I have been burning the midnight oil on a regular basis lately. Uhhh I hate it. So this may just be a "Catchin' Up part 1" with more to come later.
*Both boys finished up their hockey season...They had a tough season but overall had a lot of fun.

*Tyler recently had the privilege of participating in a Skills Camp that was put on by the Phoenix Coyotes.

Here is Tyler and Kyle with Peter Mueller, one of the NHL's top rookie who plays for the Coyotes

This is Tyler with Sean Burke, one of the Coyotes former Goalies.

Here is Tyler in action at the camp.

*We recently found a goalie coach for Tyler. Here he is with his coach on the ice learning some new stuff.

*Kyle is in full swing with his soccer team. They just finished their indoor season, had their 1st tournament last weekend, and are now on to their fall (outdoor) season. They took first place in indoor and 2nd place in their 1st tournament of the year.

Here is Kyle with his team after winning and coming in 1st place in his indoor league.

Kyle with his team at half time.

Kyle's new number, #14 (he was #7 but since that number was already taken he chose #14, "double sevens")

*Tyler is also playing on a recreation soccer team this fall. And...oh yea, I am the coach once again. Tyler is really excited about it! He has not played on a soccer team in almost 2 years.

*My soccer season started this weekend.

* Hubby has been hard at work lately (more than usual) with more travel than he has had in a while.

*We volunteer at our church with highschoolers and lead a small group Bible study during the week with them.

*I am working a 5 day week this year at the kids school as a playground aide. This does not leave me as much time to get a lot done around the house but the kids like me being there everyday. I like it too, plus the little bit of extra $$ is nice (specially in this economy).


Bethany said...

Thanks Aunt Amy! It was great to have a sneak peak into what's been going on with my little cuzzy wuzzies and of course my most favorite aunt and uncle in the world! I miss you guys and love you guys so much! We are so lucky to have you guys as our family.

Jen said...

I've really missed your blogging!! Thanks for catching up!! I love the pictures. It seems like Tyler is really getting TALL!! They are growing up So fast!!

Tell Kyle he picked a great number!!

Love you guys!!


Ames said...

Hey Beth, It is great to blogging with you. :)

Jen, Yes, the kids are getting big...hope to see you out here sometime soon to see just how big they really are. :))