Monday, September 15, 2008

Bragging rights

Ok, I thought that I would share a few stories with you that make me proud to be my boys' mom...

Tyler's Hockey Story

Toward the end of this past hockey season, the rink held tryouts and selected players to play on their competitive travel teams. We looked into letting Tyler tryout, thinking that he would have a pretty good shot at making one of the teams. After further investigation we discovered that the commitment level was more then we all could handle right now so we opted to stick with him playing in the house (recreation) league instead. One day when we walked into the rink we were approached by one of the hockey directors wanting to know why she didn't see Tyler at the tryouts. We told her that it was not the right timing and that maybe next season we would consider it again. About 1 week later we were getting ready to head out after a game and were approached by one of the travel coaches who wanted to personally ask Tyler (and us, as parents) if he would reconsider playing travel and offered him a position on his team. Regretfully, we still declined but I have to say we were blown away!!

Just the other day the new house, recreation league began. When we showed up to the first practice you would have though, for a moment, that Tyler was a celebrity. The coach kept going on and on how he was thrilled to have Tyler on his team. He told him that he was the first player that he selected as well as the first overall goalie to be picked. (the coaches get to draft players in hockey, kind of like the professional sports and the NHL) I could not believe it. Wow!! Yes, I am a proud mom!! You Rock Tyler!!!

Kyle's Soccer Story

Back in April we decided to let Kyle go through the try out process for the local club soccer team. We were hesitant to let him go through with it as we had heard that it was a pretty intense process and we were not familiar with it enough to try and prepare him for it. The tryout process was broken up into two parts, or rounds. We told Kyle that we would let him go through the first round then see how things were. Kyle ended up doing great, however after the first round it was determined that there were not enough players in his age group to form a team. Because of this they gave the players the option to "play up" an age level and tryout for the team in the age bracket above theirs. I am not too sure but I think Kyle was one of the only ones that stayed and took the challenge of competing with the older players. Once the tryouts were over we were told that we would be receiving a call to let us know how the players did. A day or two later we got a call from the coach of the "A team" letting us know that Kyle made his team. We were thrilled but a little surprised at the same time. We had no expectation of what would happen when he started the tryouts, almost 2 months prior. I guess we should have known that once he started there was not turning back for him. So now he is playing on the top team in the age group above where he should be. Wow, Kyle!! You rock!! Keep up the hard work!

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