Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Seeing God at Work

This past week our constant thoughts and prayers have been with a very dear family that we know from church.  They were here for a short time while helping to develop and grow a new ministry for our church, a marriage ministry.  They did a fantastic job with it...many new innovative ideas and events came from them. 

This family is Toben and Joanne Heim.  This past Tuesday Joanne suffered a severe stroke and is currently in a coma.  Not only are all the details too long for me to write out here, but I am one who feels very strongly about not telling a story that is not mine to tell.  Toben has been so gracious to post updates on her blog site and keep in communication with EVERYONE that knows Joanne (and her family) and follows her blog.  You can read their story here.

Joanne is such an amazing women of God with many amazing God given talents.   The biggest talent that is ever evident to me is her ability to communicate through written words.  She writes an amazing blog and has also written and published many books. She is so encouraging and inspiring.  I had the privilege of participating in a Bible study that she wrote last spring.  The study was on Psalm 23.  She did and wonderful job with it. I have a new perspective of Psalm 23 now.

Please join me in praying for Joanne. I know  God is at work in this situation.   Prayers have already been answered and miracles performed. There are truly no words to describe the emotion of Seeing God at Work right now through her .   


Jen said...

I heard about her on Twitter. I've been following her husband's twitter account. I didn't realize you knew her. She is definitely in my prayers. She sounds like incredible woman!

Ames said...

Yes, I got to know her pretty well while she was at our church. Amazing woman! I was bummed when I learned that they decided to move back to CO. Now I know why God told them to move. I have stayed in contact with her through email, her blog and twitter. I know God is at work in an amazing way with her. I am looking forward to see it all come to be.