Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sewing projects

I finally pulled my sewing machine out, after moving a few months ago.  I had a small pile of clothes that needed a little extra help, a few pillows and a BIG quilt project to get started on.  I finished my clothes mending and one pillow.  I have 2 more pillows to complete and then I can get started on the quilt.  Here are a few pictures to share with you on what it all looks like.

This is the one pillow that I have finished.  It was hard becasue I am learning how to sew invisible zippers. I purchased the special invisible zipper foot attachment for sewing machines, but of course it would not work on my machine.  So, I logged into my online friend, ebay, and found the exact one that I needed, that would fit my machine.  I received it yesterday. Yay! I never would have thought that I would have been so happy to receive such a small piece of plastic. Ha!

Here is the "before" picture of the next pillow that I will be putting together. I am so excited about this one as I looked and looked for the perfect fabric to match the rooster. You can't really see just how perfectly all the colors match, but they do.  

This picture is one of the blocks that will make up the king size quilt that I will be starting soon. This will be a BIG project.  I hope that I can cut out time each day to work on it so that I can finish in a short amount of time. I hope to have it completed by mother's day.

I will try to post and document my progress here.  Maybe it will help motivate me to get it all done by the deadline that I have given myself. We shall see...


Jen said...

Yay!! Mawmaw will be so excited!! I finished my part of the cross stitch squares and will get them in the mail this week!! I wish I could sew like you!! One day maybe!!

Brandi said...

I didn't know you could sew?!
Wow, and you can quilt, too?!

Um, I have a blanket made from all my kids' baby clothes that I will have to show you. A friend of mine cut out all the squares and sewed (is that right?) them all together, but she can't do the stitching part. Maybe you can point me in the right direction . . .