Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Summer Hockey Finally Over

This summer both boys played in the summer hockey league at our local rink. Kyle played on a squirt team (ages 9-10) and Tyler played on a squirt and peewee team (ages 11-12).

Both boys played on the same squirt team, the Red Wings. They didn't have a very good season (according to the win/loss record). Although they did have a lot of fun.

Tyler is the goalie in middle and Kyle is behind him over his shoulder on the left.

Tyler's peewee team, the Bruins, had a better record overall and ended up almost winning 1st place in the final tournament. They ended up losing in the last 3 min of their final game. It was a big bummer, but they played hard and still ended up in 2nd place.
Tyler is the goalie in the middle on his knee.
Hockey is the best sport and so much fun to watch. We will take a little break before returning back to it in a couple months. (...sigh)

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Jen said...

Love the pictures and glad the boys had fun! That's the most important thing!! Taking 2nd place is definitely something to be proud of!!

Enjoy your break!