Wednesday, February 4, 2009

More Vaccine Injury Information...thought that I would share, this is REAL!

From happy vacation pictures (below), to this...

This story just makes my heart hurt and at the same time makes my blood boil. When will doctors and the medical community start thinking about "lives" instead of their "kick-backs"?


Bethany said...

That is so sad! How are you supposed to know what vaccines your baby is should get or should not get? They don't tell you this kind of stuff!

Jen said...

This story definitely broke my heart!! Poor baby! I commend Ian's parents for getting the word out about vaccines. Thanks for sharing!!

Love you


Ames said...

The sad part is that Hep B is not even a real threat to the mojority of the babies born, at least in the USA.

Yea, really sad!