Thursday, August 14, 2008

Happy Birthday, Jen!

Happy Birthday to my younger sis! I had a hard time finding a picture of just her so here she is with the family at her graduation ceremony for her masters degree. I am so proud of you Jen!!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

New Toy in the house

The boys had their b-day party recently and they both received enough money in gift cards to purchase Rock Band for the Wii. I have to Rocks!! hehe.

Here we are after rocking out to a couple of songs. We rotated playing between the drums, the guitar and singing. It sure is a ton of FUN!!

Welcome to the blogging world, Beth!

A few days ago my niece decided to become a part of this wonderful world of blogging!

Welcome! I am looking forward to blogging with you.

Here she is with Kyle.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Kyle's team wins again

Like I posted a few months back, Kyle made a top notch club soccer team this summer. Since it is SO HOT here right now, their coach decided to enroll them in an indoor league for the rest of the summer. They have played three games so far and have won everyone with Kyle contributing at least one goal and one assist in each of the games. He is the youngest on his team and is doing very well. I have to admit, I am really impressed. Kyle has really "stepped it up". He is responding and learning a lot from his new coach. I say this because when he first started he played like a one-man-team and tried to do it all on his own. Now, he is playing like a team player and it is really contributing to the team as a whole.

Here he is after scoring a goal in his game this past Saturday. If you look closely you can see the ball sitting in the back of the goal. :) Yes, I am a very proud mom! I have to say...He Rocks!!
Oh yea...the final score was 10-3.

KidStuff - August

Tyler participated in the first KidStuf performance of the season this evening. KidStuf is a song, dance and acting production that is put on at our church once a month and runs throughout the school year. Tyler participated in it last year and made the dance team again this year. (Yes, he had to try out for it.) He loves music and his body just starts moving whenever he hears a "beat" so it was not surprising to find out that he made the team again.
Each month takes on a different virtue (theme). This month the kids are studying and learning about "Honor - letting someone know you see how valuable they really are". The scripture verse is: "Be devoted to one another in brotherly love. Honor one another above yourselves." Romans 12:10

They have a huge set with a top level just for singers and dancers. Tyler was dancing on the very top level for this show. He likes being on the top. (you can see the top level structure bars running across the front of him which made it hard to get a good picture.) He is in the red t-shirt.

Here is one of the actors during part of the skit.

late b-day post

Well, as usual, I am late on wishing my youngest son a happy birthday. I guess, better late than never.
Kyle turned 8 years old yesterday, Aug. 9th.

Happy Birthday, Kyle!

Here is Kyle with his new shorts that "sport" his "game name" across the back (you know like all the popular cheer shorts all the girls are waring).

And yes, Tyler got some too.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Time to catch up....

Ok here I go again.... catching up on stuff.

There has been So much that has happened since my last post. I guess that is why you have not seen a post from me lately. I have been Buuusssyyyyyyy!

First Off I have to say a BIG belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my first born, Tyler! He celebrated his DECADE birthday on July 27th. He had a great time and still wishes it could be his b-day. (Then again, I guess every kids does.) Here is a picture of him with his new goalie hockey bag. I have to say...I don't think that he was too thrilled with the new bag. But he did need it. Doesn't that count?

He was most excited about his new gaming head phones that he got. I think he talked about these day after day until he got them. He was VERY excited to get these.

School STARTED here last week, too. Yep, our summer is officially over. Bummer! Even though it seems like we had a short summer, I am perfectly ok with it because come October we get a 2 week fall break. Tyler is now in 5th grade and Kyle is in 3rd. Here is their "first day of school" picture.

They both love their teachers. Tyler has another male teacher, Mr. Mattis. He is very funny and seems like he is going to make it a fun filled year of learning for him, and the class. Kyle has the same teacher that Tyler had for 3rd grade, Mrs. Johnson. She is wonderful and we are SO SO happy that she is teaching our child again this year. It should be a great year.

Well, with the start of school there also comes the start of my part time job. I work at the school part time as a playground aide. For some reason, this seems to be viewed as the low ranking job at the school. I am not sure exactly why that is, but let me just say that no matter what people think or say about it...I love it (most days, ha). I love being with the kids and getting to know them. Last year I worked 2-3 days out of the week, however it looks like I will be able to pick up more days.

Now for the hockey and soccer updates...Well, we are almost to the end of another hockey season. We have a few more games before we start the play offs. This season will officially be over at the end of August. It has been a rough season as we have not won many games. The last game we played was one of them that we did win. In fact, Tyler almost got his first shut-out. The other team was able to get a puck past him with only 11.6 seconds remaining in the game. It was a bummer, but we did still get the win. Way to go Tyler!!

Soccer has started for Kyle already. He has been practicing with his new team for about a month and is now playing on an indoor league with them too. This should be an exciting year for Kyle as it is his first year to be playing on a club team. Tyler and I will also be playing soccer again this fall season. We don't start until September.

Guess that is all for now.....I will finish catching up later.