Sunday, August 10, 2008

Kyle's team wins again

Like I posted a few months back, Kyle made a top notch club soccer team this summer. Since it is SO HOT here right now, their coach decided to enroll them in an indoor league for the rest of the summer. They have played three games so far and have won everyone with Kyle contributing at least one goal and one assist in each of the games. He is the youngest on his team and is doing very well. I have to admit, I am really impressed. Kyle has really "stepped it up". He is responding and learning a lot from his new coach. I say this because when he first started he played like a one-man-team and tried to do it all on his own. Now, he is playing like a team player and it is really contributing to the team as a whole.

Here he is after scoring a goal in his game this past Saturday. If you look closely you can see the ball sitting in the back of the goal. :) Yes, I am a very proud mom! I have to say...He Rocks!!
Oh yea...the final score was 10-3.


Jen said...

I love the pictures!! Kyle really looks like a soccer player!! Are there girls on his time too?

Way to go Kyle!! I am so proud of you!!

I am one PROUD Aunt!!

Ames said...

No, there are no girls on his team. The girls you see in the picture are from the other team. They played an all girls team that day.