Monday, July 21, 2008

A study on Vaccinated vs Unvaccinated Kids...

The question came up a few days ago as I was reading through some comments on this person's blog... "I wonder if there have been any findings of children who have NOT been immunized, and developed autism?"

Well, I recently found a report out that shows findings/results of studies that were done on children that were vaccinated versus children that were not vaccinated. It is not specifically looking at just autism but many different illnesses in children. It was done in the Netherlands. The details of the report speak for itself and can be seen here.

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Ingrid said...

THANK YOU for finding this and posting it. WOW! My children are unvaccinated, and I've noticed myself how much healthier they seem compared to other kids. They've never had ear infections, eg, yet most of my friend's kids have... Of course, part of the study results may be influenced by the lifestyle of those who don't vaccinate (eg - maybe they eat organic food more frequently too...and choose natural remedies over antibiotics, etc.) But regardless, it is very interesting!