Monday, May 19, 2008

Ok, one quick one

The Stanley Cup Finals

As I regret to say, the Stars were defeated today and eliminated by the Detroit Red Wings in the Western Conference Finals. (What happen to them Stars...Ging?)

The Wings will battle it out against The Penguins for the Cup!

I am sorry to say...I have to go against the western team this year and root for the Penguins! The one team in the NHL that I will never root for are the Wings...sorry wings...just not going to do it. Go Pens Go


Ginger said...

I have to admit that beating the Wings was a long shot for us, and I was actually really amazed that we hung in there for so long. I was especially proud that Marty (Turco) finally won one on Red Wing ice! THAT. WAS. AWESOME.

Overall, we fought!!! HARD! And I am still proud to support the Stars!

At least if the Wings win the cup, it shows that the Stars are worthy. You have to admit that they are pretty amazing (esp. Osgood and Datsyuk!), though I am not opposed to the Penguins taking the cup - an underdog victory is always welcome.

Rich got me Stars tickets for mother's day this year.. now I just need to find a babysitter. :)

Ginger said...

The Pens sure did hang in there and they will certainly be a force next season (now that they're seasoned!).
What a fun Stanley Cup! Kudos to the Red Wings, their (missing) toothy grins and red beards.
Amy - hope you guys are well!