Monday, February 18, 2008

Soccer in full swing with a little bit of a hockey break

We have had a little more time at home the past few weeks with a little break from hockey. The ice rink that Tyler plays at was having tournaments the past several weeks so they canceled all the house league games for a short time. Tyler starts back this Friday, plays 5 more games then will be on to the next season.

In the mean time, we have been spending more time on the soocer field. Kyle has played 3 games so far. His team lost the first game but won the other two. Their first win was 3-1 and the second win was 4-1. In each of the two games Kyle scored 3 goals! He was so excited! In addition to the league he is playing in right now, he is also participating in some soccer training and skills classes with a professional soccer trainer out here. He is on the soccer field 4 hours a week right now. It is no wonder why he is scorring all the goals in his game. He hopes to be selected for one of the competative travel teams in the near future. I am not sure I am ready to travel yet. Uuuhhhh.

We have video of him in his games and scoring his goals. I will see if I can get them downloaded to share with you soon.


Chelle said...

I got a little tired just reading about all that activity! Hooray for Kyle, the soccer stud!

Jen said...

You gotta post the video!! Don't tease me like that!!:)

I've been missing you guys, glad read a new post!!

Love ya!