Tuesday, January 1, 2008

It's going to be GR8 in '08

Happy New Year! I love even numbered years. Don't ask why. I don't even know...just do.

There is no better way to start the new year off than with some good hockey!

We are glued to the "telie" right now (well it's the 2nd intermission so I thought I would do a quick post). We are watching the 1st ever American NHL outdoor hockey game, the NHL Winter CLassic 2008. It is the Penguins up against the Sabers. They are playing in Buffalo in the stadium where the Buffalo Bills play. It is cold, rainy, snowy and windy...perfect hockey weather. If it were any other sport the game would probably be canceled. Ha!

Anyways...that's how we are celebrating the new year. What about you?


Jen said...

Happy New Year Amy!! I am glad your starting out your doing one of your most favorite things, HOCKEY!!

I too like even number years!! I guess it runs in the family!!

I love you and again HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Chelle said...

Happy New Year! I met up with some girls from a vball team I coached for dinner, then I think my family and I were all asleep by 10. What party animals.

Ginger said...

Happy New Year!!

(Sorry I'm a little late.)

We went to the Irish pub where we rang in the Irish new year (for those of us who are codgers and don't think we can stay up until midnight..) with several rounds of Irish pub songs - most inappropriate, but fun at the same time. Afterwards we haeaded over to some friend's house for an actual home cooked meal, but were in bed (at our own house) by 11. We did, at least watch the ball drop in NYC first and then grunted a little when we heard the fireworks and whoops at midnight here.

But hockey's good too (though the Stars lost that night!!!):(